All you need to know about Greece Visa types

Greece is a beautiful country which is located in the south-eastern part of Europe.

It is famous for its monuments and it is quite popular among tourists.
So, today, we would be talking about different Greece Visa types that will assist you in visiting or staying in the country.

Let us have a look:-

Transit Visa

With Airport Transit Visa, you can wait for the connecting flight while being in the territory of Greece.
Moreover, you should keep in mind that this visa doesn’t guarantee entry into the Schengen Area.

So, it is recommended that you plan for the travel in advance such that you won’t have to face any issues.

For this, you need a valid visa for the final destination of your stay.

Business visa

Business Visa is perhaps perfect for people who are looking to travel to Greece on a short trip for business meetings. Thus, it is ideal for conferences, meetings, and deals.

For this, you need an invitation letter from a Greek company.

Other than this, you require business formation details and the last 6 months’ bank statement of your business.

Medical treatment

This visa is perhaps applicable for individuals who are looking to get medical treatment in Greece.

For medical treatment in Greece, you would need a local medical report.
Other than this, you would require a medical attestation from a doctor or hospital in Greece. It will confirm the date of the appointment as well as the medical situation.

Lastly, a payment receipt of medical fees would be required.

Cultural, Religious, and Sports purposes

This visa is applicable for those who would be applying for Sports/Cultural & religious events that would be held in Greece.

For the following visa, you would need an Invitation letter from the concerned authorities mentioning the expense coverage & purpose of the Visit.

Other than this, you need to mention the duration of stay as well as showcase the travel itinerary.

Study/Internship/Research Visa

If you want to do research, internship, or study in Greece, then you can apply for the following type of visa.

For this, you need to show financial sustenance as well as an enrolment certificate.

Members of the official delegation

This visa is applicable for those individuals who are invited officially to Greece as a part of a member of the delegation.

For this, you need to mention the duration of stay, the identity of the applicant, official invitation copy, and place of accommodation.