Investment Options for Greece visas – Dubai | Sharjah | UAE

Option 1: Real Estate Investment

The Visa is valid for 5 years +5+5+5 years… (renewable as long as the property is in possession of the residency permit holder)

Cost: Purchase of property with a minimum value of EURO 250,000/-

The procedure to be followed will be as follows:

  1. Acquisition of TIC (Tax Identification Code) of Buyer in Greece through a local lawyer.
  2. Signing of the preliminary private agreement of purchase including 10% down payment. (This stage can be dropped if parties agree to proceed directly with point 5).
  3. Legal due diligence on property deeds including liens/mortgages etc.
  4. Payment of property transfer tax on 3% of the declared purchase price (applied for properties licensed before 31/12/2005 or for properties even licensed after this milestone that have been resold). In case of property with building license issued later than 31/12/2005, to be sold for first time, a VAT 23% is applicable.
  5. Signing of the Notarial Purchase Deed with full price settlement, no pending installments allowed.
  6. Registration of the Notarial Purchase Deed with the public registry (legal accomplishment of property transfer).
  7. Registration of E9 declaration with the Tax Authority.


The residency permit will be issued for an initial term of two years +3+3+3 years renewable. The Investor must prove that they are capable to finance their residency in Greece without being obliged to work in the country and has to show a stable income based from their resources abroad.


What makes this method attractive is that two families can benefit from the program.

  • A company is established with a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 2 Directors. The Directors can then obtain residencies for their immediate families.
  • There is no minimum share capital but it is advisable to deposit €10,000 in order to avoid future share capital increases.