Company formation UAE

Is it mandatory to have a local office to set up a business in UAE?
Yes, a physical office is required for a company to be set up in the UAE.


Is a local sponsor mandatory for setting up a company in the UAE?
For setting up a company in the UAE mainland, a local sponsor (who must be a UAE national) to act as your company agent. In a free zone, however, there is no such prerequisite.


Business Startup UAE: Select a Free Zone if you wish to own your business 100%
The only way to register your UAE company without a UAE national as a Sponsor is to be located in one of the UAE free zones. Which is practically not suited to businesses that must be in the city markets like restaurants and retail stores.


Business Startup UAE: Select a Location that optimizes business objectives, convenience and costs
Another important step in planning a business startup in the UAE is to determine the most suitable location for the business.


Business Startup UAE: Confirm your Visa requirements and eligibility
For a business startup in the UAE, a visa permitting you and employees to live in UAE is essential to run the business in Dubai. Visas are allowed for almost all businesses.


Which Emirate to choose?
As you are aware there are 7 emirates in the UAE. And each one has its free zones. Thus the logical question arises – which emirates to choose. The key to the right answer to this question is putting together: company activity + requirements on company location + requirements on facilities + costs. Each emirate has some certain specifics and particulars. Putting the clear points on the elements above gives the option of identifying a couple of options and deciding which one is preferable for you.


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